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Basics Of Blood Donation

These informations will guide you on how to have the best blood donation experience possible and about the unexpected health benefits of donating blood.



Blood is made up of four main components which includes the Red blood cells, platelets, plasma and white blood cells. Each whole blood donation has the potential to save up to three adult lives.


Potential blood donors ask questions about their ability to donate blood due to health conditions or some other reasons. Find out if you are eligible to save lives through blood donation.

learn how your donation can
make a difference today.

Discover how patients suffering from chronic illness, accident victims, pregnant mother need the blood you donate for their medical procedures in order to get better, Learn how you can save a thousand lives by hosting a blood drive in your social gatherings and communities.


Discover who needs the blood you donate – from patients suffering from chronical diseases (sickle cell, cancer), to accident victims t pregnant women as well as children suffering from different diseases for different procedures.


From schools to businesses, religious organizations to community/social gatherings, we can come setup just about anywhere there are blood donors ready to save lives. We’ll provide everythig you need from start to finish.


Our team consists of a variety of individuals and is continually growing as we carry on our work to ensure that we curb the menace of chronic blood shortage in Nigeria.

Bukola is the founder of Haima Health Initiative. She started it in August 2015 after noticing the chronic shortage of blood that plagues the health care sector in Nigeria.
Nkechi is the founder of the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF), an NGO she established with a group of young persons determined to raise awareness on Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) & support those living with it
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Dr. Victor is a qualified medical doctor working with a HMO,who always hoped for a system where blood can be accessed or sought for easily and is dedicated to the immediate growth of Haima to save lives.
Having experienced increased loss of lives as a result of unavailability of blood when needed, Dr. Kanayo is an ardent advocate for blood donation and consistently promotes the use of blood as a lifeline when needed.
Ikechukwu is a digital marketing professionaland sport scientist, whose passion for advocacy as a sickle cell patient made him join Haima Health to help reduce the problem of getting blood when needed urgently.
Tobi is a finance graduate but joined Haima because he has personally experienced how importance blood is to saving lives in hospital; and the hardship that comes with finding donors in Nigeria. He works as a liaison between donors & health care providers or patients to ensure that the donors & blood arrive promptly & safely.
Nurudeen is a trained Anatomist and currently a Research Fellow at Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State. His interest is in the Genetic basis of certain blood disorders (i.e Sickle Cell Disorder and Leukaemia), their regional variations, their complications and their curative options.
Ifeyinwa is an IT Analyst for a software consulting firm in Abuja, she’s a serial blood donor. She’s an advocate for sickle cell awareness and blood donation. She works as a liaison between donors & health care providers or patients to ensure that the donors & blood arrive promptly & safely.

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