Haima Health Wins Bronze Prize at Unleash SDG Lab in Denmark

Study finds link between very early stages of brain and heart disease
September 3, 2015
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Haima Health Wins Bronze Prize at Unleash SDG Lab in Denmark

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Bukola participated at the very first Unleash SDG Lab which took place in Copenhagen and Aahrus. It was collection of 1000 talents from around the world, working on different projects to make a difference to the different SDGs. Bukola pitched her idea to her team in the Health track and it was well received and came up as the winning idea. It went on to beat 50 other teams in the health track to win the Bronze prize. The team was made up of Natasha Koemer, Dr. Lazarus Eze and Bukola. The team was called Bloody Meds and pitched the idea of Vital Vans, which aims to use the Haima technology to collect and link blood donors to patients.

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